Dog Days to Follow

Dog Days to Follow

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this blog towards the end of summer. Well, if you reside in places in the world, experiencing higher than average temperatures, you know exactly why. Here in the U.S., we have what’s typically called “the dog days of summer”. What it means is that the heat will be worse than it already is. We are currently in that phase of the summer months. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what does Gleem beauty have to do with the summer heat. By now you should already be familiar with their Summer Fun Moisturizing Kit (complete with 1.6 oz. One and Done Day Moisturizer, 1 oz. Soft Immersion Moisturizer, and a free holographic bag, scrub brush, and a holographic mirror which saves you $20 compared to buying products individually). This January past, I wrote an article about the effects of pollution on our skin and spoke about how it can contribute to such maladies as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer, and more. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the summer heat tends to make it worse.

Walking down the street in 100°, we start to sweat profusely and if the humidity is high, it can feel like walking through the sauna from hell. While you’re suffering under the brutal heat, there’s something happening to your skin. It doesn’t take long for your skin to turn into a magnet that attracts dirt, soot, and toxic particles in the air. Not only is it sitting on your face it’s seeping into every pore on your face. There are two ways Gleem can help you avoid damaging your skin.

  1. Obviously, you’re going to need the aforementioned moisturizing kit, which will remove the filth and toxins from your skin preventing it from becoming dry. Like all Gleem products, they utilize a base of adaptive organic clinical-grade aloe vera, an exceptional succulent plant essential to maintaining healthy skin.

  2. Did I mention that makeup also attracts dirt from the environment? No? Well, it does. You’ve had a great day, but you’re home now and it’s time to wipe off that makeup. Is that everything? Have you gotten it all off of your face? Gleem’s Hydrating Toner & Balance can help make sure that you get it all off, in addition to that yucky filth that you’ve been strolling in all day long. In addition to its cleansing properties, it restores your skin’s natural pH balance. The Hydrating Toner & Balance is loaded with an alcohol-free formula loaded with emollients and humectants that lock in moisture. Right about now, your skin should be thanking you for the soothing care you’ve given it.

One thing I should mention before I close is that Gleem products use no alcohol. The reason for its absence is due to the fact that alcohol drys the skin and under muggy weather, it evaporates into the air, taking your skin’s moisture with it. Gleem has you protected, regardless of what season it is.

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