About Aloe Vera

All Gleem™️ Beauty products are made with a base of natural Aloe Vera. Unlike water, which is used as the base ingredient of most skin care products, aloe can be absorbed deep into the skin’s layers. Because of the deep absorbtion into the skin, products like those offered by Gleem™️ Beauty can deliver active ingredients to the site of skin healing, rather than simply sitting on the skin’s surface. Aloe's ability to penetrate the skin also means that its 200+ active components have the ability to soothe and nurture while delivering key vitamins and nutrients that effectively fight the damage done to the skin.

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Studies Supporting the Benefits of Aloe

Gleem™ Beauty’s Ability to Penetrate Skin Tissue

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Gleem™ Beauty’s Ability to Heal Tissue

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Aloe’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties

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Aloe’s Anti-Microbial Properties

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