Marlene Wallach

Support for the Breast Cancer Community

Having battled breast cancer myself at the age of 40, I am passionate about providing unwavering support to the breast cancer community. That's why, at Gleem™️ Beauty, we have made it our mission to offer comprehensive assistance to women fighting this disease, from the moment of diagnosis to their triumphant return to work.

Our approach is focused on the individual woman, and we are proud to extend our support through various avenues. Firstly, we provide financial aid to organizations that are dedicated to serving the unique needs of breast cancer patients. Additionally, we contribute our products for fundraising purposes and as giveaways to women undergoing treatment.

We firmly believe that our efforts can make a meaningful impact, one woman at a time. At Gleem Beauty, we stand in solidarity with the breast cancer community, and we are committed to providing the support and resources necessary for women to thrive during and after their battle with cancer.

Marlene Wallach, Breast Cancer Victor