Not Just Skin-Deep

Not Just Skin-Deep

It always seems as if there’s never enough summer before fall and winter come rushing in, doesn’t it? While there’s nothing that we can do about the weather, there’s lots we can do to protect ourselves from the harsh elements during the cooler months. You may think of your sweater or coat as the first line of defense when temperatures turn frigid, but they’re not. That job belongs to your skin.

In addition to protecting us from nasty microbes that could potentially make us ill, skin also protects against cold weather. There are three layers of skin: the epidermis (water-proof barrier and outer-most layer), the dermis (sweat glands and hair follicles), and the subcutaneous hypodermis of fat and connective tissue. Together they work to protect the inside of your body from harm, be it natural or man-made. Like our other organs, the skin requires vitamins, nutrients, and careful maintenance in order to work properly. If you’re not using an exfoliator or moisturizer on your skin, you risk having skin that makes you look older or just not healthy in general.

Gleem’s RxFoliant™ Leave-On Mask and Soft Immersion Moisturizer work together to not just help you to maintain a clean face, but to protect your skin as well. So many products on the market have harsh chemicals that can irritate and destroy your skins integrity. Having clinical-grade aloe as the base of all of its products is what makes Gleem safe for your skin, as well as boost the health of that beautiful shining organ. Clean beauty is at the heart of Gleem products, which is why it has nothing but natural ingredients.

Aside from a healthy diet, there’s nothing I recommend more than Gleem for healthy skin. You might think that I’ve been paid to say all of this, but you would be wrong. In my next blog installment, I intend to share my own personal experience with Gleem’s products.

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