Nothing But a Number

Nothing But a Number

My paternal grandmother lived to be one hundred years old. To the very end, she had all of her faculties. No dementia, Alzheimer’s, and only a touch of arthritis. How did she do it? Had you asked her, she would have told you that it was God who made it thus for her, because of her good deeds in the church and in society. She maintained a strict diet where pork, beef, salt, fat, and sugar were forbidden by her doctor when she was still in her sixties. Maybe that was it? Or, perhaps, genetics (which is what I believe, naturally). During the last few years of her life, I took care of her; cooking, cleaning, and taking her on long walks. She seemed to have an abundance of energy. Family and friends would marvel at how she had lived so long, but they were more amazed at how healthy her skin was. That was one thing that my grandmother possessed that younger women were envious of, her silky, smooth skin. She didn’t spend a dime on facial creams, except for the most basic of skincare products.

There’s really nothing any of us can do about getting older, but we can determine how we age. Eating a healthy diet and getting exercise can help to alleviate or prevent many of the ailments that attack our bodies as we age. Having “good genes” like my grandmother is great, but our bodies still require attention and care as we get older. Our skin is the first thing people tend to notice as we age. There are people who spend exorbitant amounts of money to remove their wrinkles, but the rest of us appreciate (and even welcome) our wrinkles and crow’s feet. Rather than a sign of growing old, these things are an indicator of having lived a long (and hopefully prosperous) life. But aging skin doesn’t have to mean unhealthy skin.

More than any other time in our lives, skincare becomes more important. Our cells don’t reproduce as quickly or as frequently as when we were younger. This is where Gleem products come in. It’s not just a product for the young, it was designed to be used by people of all ages. You can have skin that’s smooth and healthy no matter what age and all it takes is a little Gleem.

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