Personal Stamp of Approval

Personal Stamp of Approval

When Marlene Wallach set out to create Gleem Beauty, she wanted something that would be able to help the models she once worked with take better care of their skin. Based upon her experience of being the Founder and President of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens, she recognized the need for such products, but it had to be something that hadn’t been done before. It needed to be superior to all other skincare products that were already available. But, what good would her product be if she couldn't use it herself? How could she instill confidence in her products in others if she herself didn’t use them?

I met Marlene sometime during the spring of this year and since then, I’ve attended a number of social events with her. By early summer, I had taken notice of all the people who were complimenting her on her skin, wherever we went. I wanted to ask her if she used her own skincare products, but I was afraid that I would either insult her or feel foolish for even asking. But, I took the risk and asked. Her response was a pleasant “of course!”. She asked me why I wanted to know, and I explained to her that it was because of all the compliments she had received about her skin and I just wondered if Gleem was responsible for her looking as fabulous as she does.

To the best of my knowledge, other skincare products are corporate brands where the owners don’t have a personal stake in their product’s success. Their bottom line is all that matters. Unlike these faceless brands, Gleem is all Marlene. It’s the reason why she attends every Gleem event and meets people, not simply relying on her “Gleembassadors” (as she calls them) to do all the selling for her. Marlene’s presence at these events inspires confidence in her products. It’s what sets Gleem apart from other skincare products.

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