Protecting Your Skin During the Winter

Protecting Your Skin During the Winter

I’m the type of person who likes to feel the cold, crisp air on my face in the morning, long before the rest of the world awakens. Spending a few minutes in frigid temps is fine, but what you may not be aware of is that exposing your skin to cold temperatures for can damage your skin.

The cold isn’t the culprit, rather, it’s the extremely dry air that accompanies those frigid temps. Unlike the warmer months, the humidity levels plummet during the winter. There’s no moisture in the air to keep your skin soft and supple and this can cause your skin to become dehydrated, crack, and peel and over time the lack of water in your skin promotes wrinkling. So, how do you protect your skin from the elements?

Unless you’re a member of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, much of your body remains under your clothing and is not exposed to the cold. Your face is the most exposed part of your body, during the winter. Will your face mask or scarf protect you? Yes, and no. While your face may feel warm beneath these coverings, cold, dry air still manages to make its way onto your face and suck all of the moisture out of your skin. It’s time to re-hydrate your skin with a moisturizer.

When thinking of a moisturizer, you could avoid the all-in-one lotions that claim to be good for face, hands, and body. What you need are products that are designed to protect a specific area of your skin, because the needs of various parts of your body differYou need something that is specifically designed to protect the skin on your face.

You may not know this, but Gleem uses Aloe Vera as a base in all of its skincare products. Well, according to Neeleshwari Basak, owner of the Worldwide Institute of Grooming and Pageants, it is the perfect remedy for dry and dehydrated skin. Gleem Beauty’s Soft Immersion Moisturizer provides super hydration like no other with a formula that includes a base of organic, clinical-grade aloe vera.

With Thanksgiving taking place this week and the rest of the holidays fast approaching, a lot of us will be spending a lot of time outdoors, visiting family, or shopping for gifts. Make sure to protect your skin before going out.

You may also want to grab a Gleem Beauty Bag for that special someone for the holidays.

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