Shaving Clean

Shaving Clean

In my previous blog entry, I said that I would share with you my personal experience using Gleem products. I’m a firm believer in checking out a product for myself before recommending it to others. There are so many other people who have testified to Gleem’s benefits, but I wanted to give my own testimony. The reason being, men are often afraid to experiment with skin products they deem too “feminine”. Gleem works for all genders, these aren’t products specifically designed for women. So, for the men who might. be too shy to try, here’s my story.

I’ve had skin problems since the first time I started shaving. Back then, there weren’t that many skincare or shaving products for African American men (there weren’t many skincare products for men at all, in fact). The best I could do was use that foul-smelling Magic Shave powder and splash some Aqua Velva on afterward (ouch). Eventually, razors got better, shaving gels became a thing, then 2014 witnessed a razor and the first line of African American men skincare products. Though I no longer use those skincare products, I held on to the safety razor, which I have found to be the best razor I’ve ever used (I’m not here to talk about razors, but safety razors have been around long before the disposable ones and the razors with a thousand blades). Now, I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for razors where they illustrate how razors simultaneously lift and cut the hairs. There are skincare products (such as the ones I mentioned above) that help facilitate this process.

Using an exfoliator gets rid of dead cells and dirt that can cause your razor blade to snag hairs which can be painful and cut your skin. It also helps to make the hairs on your face rigid so that the razor can make a clean cut. Using shaving foam, butter, or gel offers a barrier between your razor and your skin. But is it absolutely necessary? I’ve known men who can shave with a bowie knife; no face wash, no shaving cream, no water. That’s a little extreme, but I stumbled upon a “secret” lately. My face has always been the kind that needed all of the aforementioned precautions to ensure that I wouldn’t cut myself, or end up with dry, irritated skin. I was in a rush for an event one morning and shaving is the most time-consuming part of my hygiene routine, so I made a decision to shave without the use of the shaving gel I normally use. I tested a small area near my right ear to see how it felt, to make sure I didn’t cut my face open. After a few strokes, I felt confident in going all the way. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I not cut myself, but my face felt great! The best part of it, though, was that this would not only save me time but save me money as well.

The next day I pondered how it was possible that I could now shave without the use of shaving cream. The only change that I had made to my regimen was the inclusion of Gleem RxFoliant™ and Soft Immersion Moisturizer. Once again, I shaved barefaced and I had the same results. It’s been several months now and I’m still shaving without the aid of my shaving gel! I’m certain that it’s because of the Gleem products that I began using over the summer. Clean pores make for a clean, smooth shave, you won’t find anyone disputing that fact. Before you take my word for it, however, you need to keep in mind one thing: everyone’s skin is different. What works for one may not work for another. I suggest using Gleem products for at least a week before trying to shave without the aid of shaving cream or gel and testing a small out-of-the-way area to determine whether or not it’s safe. If it doesn’t work for you, no problem. You still need to maintain healthy skin if you want a smooth shave and Gleem will continue to keep your face feeling clean and replenished.

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