The Armani + Gleem Beauty Event

The Armani + Gleem Beauty Event

Avian Fisher (l) with Gleem Founder Marlene Wallach

We are nine days away from an event that has taken a lot of love and careful planning, an event that represents another milestone for Gleem Beauty. Like all things, it began with an idea that came about as Gleem Founder Marlene Wallach searched Armani Beauty for items she required to augment her daily makeup regimen. She met Armani MUA Avian Fisher, who in turn, introduced her to some other people. This led to talks about how Gleem and Armani could work together to create an amazing experience for their respective customers. Eventually, an agreement had been forged whereby both Gleem Beauty and Armani Beauty would offer customers of both brands the opportunity to not just purchase beauty products, but to participate in a glamorous affair.

For a nominal fee, attendees will not only receive gift bags with products from both Armani and Gleem, but they’ll also have the opportunity to meet model and talent reps, have a makeup session, as well as a mini photoshoot. One of the hardest parts of trying to become a model is finding a photographer who will help you build a portfolio for free or someone who won't charge you too much. Hiring a professional photographer costs a lot. The Armani+Gleem Beauty Event will be the opportunity of a lifetime for aspiring models!

There’s so much more planned for this gala, but, I promised Marlene that I wouldn’t divulge all of her secrets.

If you’re interested, scan the QR code below and get your order in. Tickets to this event are going fast, and that’s not just hype!

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