Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Almost since I first started writing this blog, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself and explain why I’m writing these articles. My bio at the end of each post says very little about me or my relationship with Gleem Beauty.

I publish an online luxury lifestyle magazine, where I cover art, photography, music, fashion, design, food, and travel. I know and have dated a few models, as you would imagine is part of my business. These women are not just pretty faces and hot bodies, they are individuals who take their careers very seriously. Having been behind the scenes of many photo shoots and fashion runways, I am well aware of how hard the work of being a model is. The fittings, the constant wardrobe changes, sitting for hours under hot lamps getting hair and makeup done and so much more. There is a lot of wear and tear on the body, but mostly, the skin. It’s important for models to be able to protect their skin from not just the elements, but the constant use of cosmetics. They require skincare that’s going to protect as well as heal.

Earlier this year, my sister mentioned to me a friend who had just started her own skincare line of products. This friend turned out to be Marlene Wallach, Founder and President Emeritus of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens. My sister thought that she would be an ideal candidate for me to interview and she was right. The combination of her former and current businesses fit right into the kinds of things I write about. I felt that I might also be able to introduce models I knew to the product if it truly worked as I had been told. Naturally, that meant me trying out the product first.

Back in September, I spoke about my personal experience with Gleem Beauty, where I also stressed that Gleem products are not only for women and how they benefit men as well. Subsequently, I have had the opportunity to watch as Gleem grew in leaps and bounds and I’ve become a close friend to Marlene. I’m impressed with what she has accomplished in so short a time. My respect for her business acumen is immense! I wanted to do something for her (aside from designing the first iteration of the website) and asked her if I could do her blog. Gleem was rapidly taking off, so despite having started writing the first three blog entries, she didn’t have time to manage it. I stepped in and the rest, as they say, is history.

I feel that it’s an honor to work for someone as fabulous as Marlene and for a product that I actually use and believe in. As I’ve told Marlene and others before, my magazine is work, writing this blog is a pleasure. I sincerely enjoy doing it.

Before I go, I want to remind our regular readers that if you haven’t purchased your Gleem Beauty Bag, you should do it now or as soon as possible. Christmas is fast approaching and you won’t get these Gleem products for this price ever again. The Gleem Beauty Bag makes the perfect gift for a great price.

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