“I am an esthetician with access to what I thought were all the best products. I have had a suborn adult acne condition for years and had tried everything imaginable. I had a chance meeting with Marlene, founder of Gleem, she gave me the Dynamic Duo and within a week I started to see a change. It’s been a month now and the condition is completely cleared up. What can I say except Gleem is now in my life forever. Thank you Gleem.”

-Avian P.


“The most amazing thing is after all these years, my husband is gently touching my face again. Since I started using the Soft Immersion Moisturizer, my skin is super hydrated and it looks and feels like a baby’s ass!! I truly cannot believe that you can buy something over the counter that has such a positive impact. My husband thinks I look younger.”

-Marion H.


“In my profession I wear a lot of heavy makeup under the hot lights – a formular for disaster. Since I started using the RxFoliant Leave-On Mask along with the Moisturizer, the damage that my skin used to endure is gone. Not only does it protect my skin, it has so improved the quality that my roommate bought it too and it helped with her acne.”

-East L.


“I always had great skin until I started wearing a mask every day, all day. Maskne really got me down because I was suddenly getting pimples and a rash from the irritation of the rubbing on my skin. I saw Marlene on a tv show and heard the stories of all these models and how the products helped them. I’ve been using the exfoliant and the moisturizer morning and night and my skin looks and feels great. For sure I am a devoted fan of the product.”

-Rhona F.


“I have noticed an overall difference in the quality and texture of my skin since I started using Gleem. The color has evened out and it looks more plump. It’s just two products and a simple routine. I am definitely a convert!!”

-Barbra B.


“There is so much information out there about skincare it is hard to decide what to buy. I noticed my friends skin was looking “younger” and she told me about Gleem. I bought the Travel Size to try and within a week I saw the difference. I really couldn’t believe how much more youthful my skin looked. I love it!!”

-Sue E.


“I would just like to say how amazing the Gleem products are. My acne has really been taking over my face with all the mask wearing but the exfoliant and moisturizer really have things under control. I love it!!”

-Santana B.


“My daughter bought Gleem for her acne and it not only got rid of it but the quality of her skin so improved. I have been completely devoted to my skincare routine for years but I decided to try Gleem and I totally love it. My other products now live in the linen closet.”

-Martha M.


“I recommend their 2 step face mask for daily use. Their Aloe Vera base hydrates my skin without leaving it oily all day. Their moisturizer is perfect because not only it’s is formula soft and smooth and leaves your skin feeling a looking glowy and healthy. It also smells very nice and clean. I use it everyday and have seen a refreshing change in my skins appearance.”

-Aileen Pelegrin


”Gleem makes my skin feel truly pampered. Highly recommended.”

-Stephanie Stuart


“Not only do I recommend Gleem Beauty I live by it! The skincare products have completely transformed my skin to a more radiant and glowing look. I also have noticed that my sun spots have evened out as well. This is a must try product if you are looking for a good morning and nighttime skincare routine!”

-Santana Williams