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Hydrating Toner & Balance

Hydrating Toner & Balance

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At its foundation this organic, Aloe Vera-based product is gentle and effective and helps to remove remaining oil, makeup and impurities. Alcohol free and loaded with emollients and humectants that lock in moisture, use of the aloe vera based product leaves skin feeling soft and supple never tight or dry. This is a neutral product formulated to help balance all skin types. Paraben-Free. -Removes last traces of makeup and impurities from the skin while balancing skin pH.
-A true multi-purpose product - gentle, soothing, and refreshing with humectants that hydrate the skin, and can be used throughout the day.
-An alcohol-free toner leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable, never dry or tight.


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – as the base of all Gleem products, aloe vera provides the skin with more than 75 beneficial components, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that improve skin hydration and encourage the healing of skin tissue and more.

Sorbitol – a natural humectant that attracts water from the air and binds it to skin cells, slowing evaporation.

Silk Amino Acids – provides a protective moisture barrier to the skin while providing a silky feel.

Allantoin – a skin soother that helps to minimize reactions to active ingredients in the formulation.

Panthenol – also known as vitamin B5, panthenol is an excellent moisturizing ingredient that helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss while having the ability to rapidly hydrate the skin.

Application Tips

After cleansing skin with the Super Nourishing Cleanser, blot skin dry using a clean towel. To remove last traces of dirt and debris from the skin, lightly spray Hydrating Toner & Balance all over face and neck (careful to avoid your eyes) and remove with a cotton ball or cotton pad. Use Hydrating Toner & Balance to address redness and inflammation, mist gently onto skin and allow to dry. Product can be applied on top of makeup. Those with sensitive skin, dry skin or acne-prone skin should mist product onto skin throughout the day.

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